About Us

Janice & Sue organise their Eating Tokyo Tours from a boatshed in Evans Bay

Janice Kirkwood and Sue Dempsey are your Eating Adventure hosts.

The idea for Eating Adventures started back in 2007, when Janice and Sue began annual food forays to explore the Tokyo food scene, while running their own hospitality ventures in New Zealand.

In 2017 they led their first guests on the inaugural Eating Tokyo tour.

In 2019 a second itinerary was added, Eating More Tokyo – Washoku meets Yoshoku, with returning guests wanting to take a deeper dive into Japanese cuisine.

Then guests asked, “Where to next?”

Eating Lima was the second destination added to Eating Adventure programme in August 2019. What a delight. The food was sensational, the city of Lima vibrant, and the Limeños warm and hospitable.

Eating Georgia is the newest destination with the first tours in May 2023. Georgia’s food and wine scene has been a well-kept secret, until now.

Janice and Sue are both based in Wellington, New Zealand. Between tours, Sue spends time gardening, growing vegetables and flowers, in the Horokiwi countryside. Janice lives in the city and enjoys cooking and recipe development.

From their boatshed office in Evans Bay they continue to research delicious new food finds and experiences in Tokyo, Lima and Georgia.

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